«Amid all the uncertainties, the biopharma industry has faced disruptions of its own. As in many sectors, it has prioritized keeping employees safe, made shifts to remote working, and minimized disruptions in global supply chains. At the same time, it has kept its innovation engines humming to find new treatments and cures and has taken steps to prevent drug shortages, secure supply chains, offer virtual support to physicians and clinical trials, repurpose existing drug therapies, and develop highly efficacious vaccines. And it has done all that within unprecedented time frames, under enormous scrutiny, and with intense external engagement.»

«The cumulative effect of those actions has been extraordinary. Over the course of the past year, the biopharma industry has effectively rewritten many of the implicit rules by which it operates. Now is the time for companies to step back and reflect on how much has changed—and on what new factors will shape their decisions and actions in the years ahead.»

Article written by 

Gaurav Agrawal, Hemant Ahlawat, and Martin Dewhurst