«Research in multiple sclerosis (MS) treatments has brought tremendous progress. Since the launch of the first drug in 1993, the health of MS patients, expressed in quality-adjusted life years (QALYs), has increased by 66% thanks to the availability of more than a dozen disease-modifying drugs. The development of drugs for MS therapies remains a rapidly evolving market. Despite these efforts, one out of four patients currently begins their therapy in receipt of a suboptimal treatment, all while the price of new and existing disease-modifying treatments keeps rising.»

«Wouldn’t it be a better investment to get every patient on the best possible treatment from the start? This is where personalised medicine plays a valuable role. Identifying the optimal MS therapy for a patient from the start can improve their health by up to 34%: the equivalent of half of the pharmacological progress made over the last 30 years.»

Article written by Wim Van Hecke



Health Europa