«The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted pharma companies to rethink their organizational strategies. A survey of executives suggests where value might lie.«

«In the pharmaceutical industry, as in many others, the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly forced companies to operate differently. In-person meetings with colleagues became virtual, for instance, as did those with healthcare providers (HCPs)—if indeed HCPs had the time to engage with field representatives at all. And ways had to be found to make fast decisions, even though it was sometimes difficult to convene all those in the organization who would usually be part of the process.»

«The result was an acceleration of certain commercial-organizational trends already afoot—companies doubled down on building digital capabilities to enable virtual connectivity with healthcare professionals and patients, for example. But that was not all.”

Article written by Michael Balz, Alix Burke, Alberto Montagner, and Michele Tarallo



Mckinsey & Company