«MH develops digital self-neuromodulation therapeutics for mental disorders to help patients regain agency over their emotion regulation.»

«About 250 million people worldwide live with PTSD, yet treatments are lacking and often lead to many side effects that may last a lifetime.  Prism for PTSD, GMH’s first offering, is under clinical investigation in five sites across the United States and Israel, with a potential to serve as an adjunct for standard of care therapy. Prism helps patients regain agency over their emotion regulation. Prism is a non-invasive adjunct digital therapeutic that utilizes novel neuroscience-based and brain-mechanism-specific biomarkers. GMH is the first to use machine learning technology to create an Electrical-Finger-Print (EFP) of brain-mechanism-specific biomarkers that are utilized in its proprietary treatment of mental disorders, training patients to employ self neuro-modulation techniques using an interactive audio-visual software.»

Article written by  Fred Pennic



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