«Epilepsy is the 4th most common neurological problem, following migraine, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease in the frequency of occurrence in the United States. Young children and older adults experience epileptic seizures the most often, but all in all, according to statistics, when the incidence of epilepsy is looked at over a lifetime, 1 in 26 people will develop this disease at some time in their life.»

«If we look a bit further, the picture is even darker. According to recent statistics published by the WHO, approximately 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy, making it one of the most common neurological diseases. Meanwhile, CDC believes the number of epilepsy patients worldwide is around 65 million. Nearly 80% of people with epilepsy live in low- and middle-income countries, and according to WHO, some 70% of them could live seizure-free if they had access to proper diagnosis and treatment.»

Article written by The Medical Futurist



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