«It is hard to dispute that the most efficient way to reach and engage consumers digitally is through the smartphone. Today, 86% of US consumers carry those small, advanced, connected devices with them everywhere they go and use them for everything. It’s no wonder that businesses from every sector continue to pour resources into the development and maintenance of mobile apps.»

«Mobile apps may be fantastic pieces of software, but many people struggle with the fundamental app-related issues of accessibility and usability. For a patient to use a shiny new mobile app, they first must download the app to their smartphone and then set up a secure account to log in. To be HIPAA compliant, many apps come with additional user-authentication requirements for login. Once a patient has jumped through the various hoops to gain access to the app, they still need to figure out how to use it – easier said than done for most people.»

Article written by Greg Kefer. Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash



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