«The surge in technological innovation so far in the 21st century has made people more connected than ever before. New tech is also providing innovative solutions to help improve health. Known as digital health, technology is making health more democratized and personalised, allowing access to healthcare even in the remotest corners of the world. Wearables, apps and trackers, powered by AI, help people to continuously monitor their health biomarkers, revolutionising life for those with metabolic conditions like diabetes, as well as those looking to prolong their health and lifespan generally».

«Biological age diagnostics is a branch of digital health that tracks your biological age – your age according to your health status, rather than your chronological age, or how many years you have lived on the planet. Different people age differently depending on genetics, lifestyle factors or a combination of both – known as epigenetics. Aging is a natural process that is unfortunately accompanied by an accumulation of cellular and molecular damage, leading to increased risk of age-related disease».

Article written by Laura Allison.



Longevity Technology