«Ruth offers virtual pelvic floor physical therapy, C-section recovery and lactation consulting. The startup said its pelvic floor therapy and lactation support can be accessed during pregnancy and after birth. The C-section recovery includes abdominal and pelvic floor training».

«»Through our work, we aim to not only improve maternal health outcomes in America, but to also reduce the pregnancy tax. Women pay steeply in time, money, and career to have babies,» Ruth cofounder and CEO Alison Greenberg said in a statement». 

«»There is no equity across gender, race, sexuality, or other factors when it comes to social determinants of health without greater access to birth workers. Meaningful, supportive, comprehensive care – both prenatal, postpartum and beyond the traditional OBGYN scope – can and must be easier and more accessible for all.»»

Article written by Emily Olsen.

Photo by: Portra / Getty Images



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