«AI-coaches help with all that, some with the level of personal detail typical of an organised, doting or even despotic spouse. Blue Star, an app for diabetes, combines data on a patient’s diet, activity, sleep, social interactions and state of mind, as well as medications and tests, automatically bringing in data from the laboratories and pharmacies the patient uses. People can connect it to all sorts of devices such as smart weight scales, continuous glucose monitors, fitness trackers and blood-pressure cuffs. They are told daily what a particular meal, bedtime schedule or exercise does to their blood sugar, with advice on what they should change. Clinical trials have found that BlueStar, when added to patients’ usual care, reduces the amount of haemoglobin A1C (a biomarker of long-term blood-sugar level) by two to four times more than it is reduced by the most widely used diabetes drugs alone».

«Such apps could also make a difference for chronic conditions for which existing treatments do not always work. Perfood, a German startup, is testing an AI-based app for migraine that has a personalised-nutrition component. Some studies suggest that for some sufferers a low-glycemic diet may provide as much relief as some of the commonly used migraine medications».

Article written by The Economist.

Photo by: Mojo Wang



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