«Digitization in healthcare will improve medical device innovation, data collection and implementation.. While digitization in healthcare offers many benefits, it also introduces various challenges due to the accumulation of sensitive data.»

«One of the most exciting developments in digital healthcare is the widespread use of telehealth. But it isn’t just a matter of being able to access medical care when you need it. The need for medical care also increases as people live longer, and many of them are living in areas where they are unable to travel to a hospital. The increase in digitization in healthcare is important because people are trying to attain more informed decisions.»

«People with chronic conditions or ageing parents can’t always get to the doctor, and so they increasingly turn to telehealth platforms such as Skype or Zoom. This is good news for everyone: better quality of life, improved health outcomes and lower costs. But there are also some challenges for telemedicine.»

Article written by Joao Bocas.



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