«Healthcare systems are society’s bastion against Covid-19. But two years of working long shifts to cover quarantined colleagues and witnessing patient after patient die of Covid-19 complications has led to massive burnout among frontline healthcare staff. Many highly experienced healthcare professionals, who tend to be older, are choosing to retire rather than face the Covid-19 related risks of working in a hospital. Healthcare, like much of the rest of the economy, is facing a labor shortage.»

«This shortage is biting as health systems are accumulating big pandemic backlogs. During the past two years, routine checkups, elective surgeries, cancer screenings, CT scans and other important procedures have been canceled or delayed due to the multiple Covid-19 waves. Many of those delayed scans and empty hospital beds will result in early interventions being missed, leading to later, more acute and highly urgent admissions that could cost lives.»

Article written by Elad Walach .



MedCity News