«Digital therapeutics plus pills? Iceland’s Sidekick Health has developed a gamified digital care platform that’s designed to support healthcare outcomes by applying personalized behavioral lifestyle nudges, including alongside clinical treatments like drugs, to augment, extend and support patient care for a range of chronic diseases and conditions from cancer to cardiovascular health, diabetes and arthritis — a formula that’s now scored it $55 million in Series B growth funding.»

«The new round is led by London-based VC firm Novator Ventures, with participation from Wellington Partners, Asabys Partners and Frumtak Ventures, as well as a U.S.-based strategic investor which it’s not disclosing yet but says will be revealed at a later stage. The 2014-founded startup raised a $20 million Series A back in 2020 from many of the same investors.»

«As the Series B closes, Novator Ventures’ general partner and founder Birgir Mar Ragnarsson is joining Sidekick’s board.»

Article written by Natasha Lomas.