«The software was deployed in two major primary care centres in Lithuania. With nearly 50.000 chest X-ray images analysed over the course of 2021, ChestEye Quality helped to detect 82 additional clinically relevant nodule findings, potentially identifying additional early instances of lung cancer.»

«The trial introduced the ChestEye Quality AI-powered double reading workflow, where Oxipit AI software analyses chest X-ray images and corresponding radiologist reports to identify any unreported findings. These missed findings are then validated by an Oxipit radiologist. Validated missed findings are then highlighted in the X-ray image and a notification is sent to the reporting radiologist to take a second look at the study. «

«Over the course of a year, ChestEye Quality identified 190 clinically relevant missed findings, 82 of which were potentially missed subtle pulmonary nodules. Most nodules in Quality studies are subtle: most are under 15 mm in size, often partially obscured by superposing structures such as ribs/hilar area/heart shadow.»

Article written by Med Tech News.



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