«Seniors are certainly less tech savvy than younger generations who grew up with it. My parents are from the World War II generation, long before there was the personal computer, let alone the internet. Trying to help my aging mother with email is a challenge. But just because some may not know how to use TikTok, what a nonfungible token is or how to make the WiFi work doesn’t mean they are technology averse.»

«Of course, it is harder for seniors to adapt to new technology. Even so, the majority of older people have a smartphone and frequently post on social media and video chat with their grandchildren.»

«Far too many digital health companies mistakenly assume that because some older people struggle with new technology at first, they are totally averse to it. The problem is that digital health companies more often than not fail to design products with seniors in mind.»

Article written by Mark Luck Olson.

Photo: KATLEHO SEISA/Getty Images



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