«Greater efficiency has always been the intent behind the implementation of electronic health records (EHRs), the use of which has ramped up considerably over the last two decades. While that goal has been achieved to some degree, the unintended consequences of the technology have been increased administrative burdens for physicians and a diminished patient experience.»

«As I have discovered since founding The Allure Group, a network of six New York City-based skilled nursing facilities, doctors too often find themselves staring at a computer screen, as opposed to interacting with patients. These clinicians are often reduced to data entry clerks, rather than seeking the best possible outcomes for patients. One study showed that 62% of the time clinicians spend with patients is devoted to reviewing EHRs. Another indicated that those same doctors spend nearly two hours on electronic health record (EHR) tasks per hour of direct patient care.»

Article written by Joel Landau.

Photo: Getty