«Cloud adoption isn’t new in healthcare. In recent years, spurred by the pandemic, healthcare systems turned to cloud capabilities to push the delivery of care to their communities.»

«When healthcare organizations had to send staff home and enact strict safety rules in March 2020, the rapid deployment and scaling of telehealth services and remote work capabilities meant reliance on cloud solutions not previously used.»

«Healthcare seeks cloud capabilities that go beyond nonclinical Software as a Service applications and into clinical workflows. In November 2021, UC Davis Health in Northern California announced that its Cloud Innovation Center, in partnership with AWS, would focus on digital health equity. Allscripts extended its partnership with Microsoft to expand its cloud-based solutions, including support for its electronic medical records system.»

«As healthcare organizations continue their digital transformations and look to become more agile, mobile and resilient, cloud-based solutions are helping to enhance productivity, improve security, foster innovation and ultimately improve patient care.»

Article written by Ryan Petersen.