«Anthropos is a technology platform, aiming to change the face of care in the UK. The platform connects to discreet, smart sensors around the home – which provide data we turn into usable intelligence that carers and family members can use to spot changes in the daily routines of an older person. This might include insight into how active an older person is, if they are managing their food and drink intake or if they are experiencing issues sleeping at night. In 2022, we are continuing to evolve the platform to address other key, preventable health concerns for older people.»

«The mission at Anthropos goes beyond simply monitoring the daily lives of older people. Our goal is to ultimately prevent the preventable – spotting critical but subtle changes to the daily routine of an older person that indicate something could go wrong without intervention, such as seeing changes in the pattern of behaviour of an older person which could indicate they are at risk of a UTI. By focusing on pre-emptive care and prevention, we believe we can support older people to stay at home safe, well and independent for longer.»

Article written by Med-Tech Innovation News.



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