«Medical students will be using virtual reality headsets to diagnose heart attacks and treat sepsis from the comfort of the classroom.»

«The University of Central Lancashire will be introducing the technology to Preston, Burnley and Westlakes to allow medical students to diagnose heart attacks, treat sepsis and examine the respiratory system following the development of technology by UK-based Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS).»

«It allows students studying within UCLan’s School of Medicine to practise treating acutely unwell patients in a simulated, virtual environment without risking patients’ lives.»

«A successful bid by the university to Health Education England (HEE) means the resulting £315,000 funding has enabled the University to purchase advanced Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets in addition to the licencing of special clinical simulation software provided by OMS.»

«The software gives students unlimited access to a clinical simulation library, including learning scenarios such as sepsis, diabetes, heart attack, pancreatitis and many more.»

Article written by Abigail Beanay.



Lancashire Telegraph