«Like many areas of healthcare, the challenges of the past two years have accelerated tech innovation within dermatology – leading to increasing digital collaboration with patients and research into new models of care for skin disease.»

«Dermatologists rapidly adapted their approach to support patients during the pandemic, and technology that was adopted out of necessity, is now leaving a lasting mark on the future of dermatology.»

«Research by the American Academy of Dermatology showed a surge in use of teledermatology – with 96.9% of dermatologists using it, compared to just 14.1% pre-COVID, according to its survey of members in 2020. It was a trend set to continue, with 58% of dermatologists saying they would continue to use teledermatology after the pandemic too.»

«Two years on, and the transformation happening within dermatology is clear. Technology is being tailored to the remote collaboration needs of dermatologists – and in a specialism where close monitoring of visual aspects of a condition is so important, the digital role is advancing.»

Article written by Jon Friis.



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