«The tech industry has seen a seismic shift in awareness around the metaverse following Facebook’s rebranding to Meta and announcements about its development from other tech leaders like Microsoft, AMD, Nvidia and Epic Games. However, it’s true potential lies beyond gaming, social media and consumer technology. For one thing, therapy in this new format, could soon become the standard way to get and provide mental health care.»

«In this digital age of interconnectedness, our society has become more cut-off than ever before. A recent report by Harvard suggests that 36% of all Americans, including 61% of young adults, feel “serious loneliness,” which recent research indicates is a key risk factor for mental health conditions. One study by the American Cancer Society analyzed data from more than 580,000 adults and found that social isolation increases the risk of premature death for every race.»

«Unable to access face-to-face care during the pandemic, many people are turning to support online. As VR headsets grow in popularity, that same technology could soon become an essential tool for therapy that is more engaging than traditional telemedicine or mobile apps.»

Article written by Nik Vassev.