«Everyone knows smoking is bad. It’s bad for your health, bad for employers, and bad for the environment. But one of the biggest challenges for smokers this No Tobacco Day—or any other day—is staying quit. The good news is that digital health and telehealth have opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to quitting smoking.» 

«Here are five ways that digital health is making it easier to kick the habit:   

  1. A connected, smartphone, app-based world. Mobile phones and digital devices are everywhere, providing digital access to and interaction with quit-smoking resources and information. 
  2. The availability of smartphone-based free and low-cost quit-smoking apps. These digital health apps are low cost or no cost, making them easily accessible and worth a try. However, the technology, support, and results are highly variable with little clinical validation.  
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI). AI is here to stay. It makes apps and tools smarter and more interactive. The WHO even has its own chatbot, Florence, who helps guide users on a quit-smoking journey.
  4. Research data. Evidence-based digital health solutions built on clinical studies of effective interventions are becoming mainstream.
  5. Workplace benefits. Highly sophisticated telehealth, virtual addiction therapy, and medication assisted treatment programs are now being offered as an employee benefit or by major healthcare providers.»

Article written by Quit Genius



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