«Founded in 2021, the startup is connecting patients and dermatologists through its web-based platform and delivers prescription products directly to consumers.»

«Its system works by users first filling out a questionnaire form, which asks about their hair and skin concerns and some photos. Then, they will be connected to a dermatologist for a video consultation over WhatsApp – they can also opt for a consultation over a phone call or chat. The dermatologist will prescribe cosmeceutical products that can be purchased and ordered through Clinikally’s pharmacy.»

«At present, Clinikally has eight dermatologists and product researchers on board and about 125 partner brands providing prescription grade hair and skin products.»

«The startup is now developing a database of skin and hair profiles and prescriptions to build an AI model for delivering automated treatment plans.» 

«»The feature is currently in beta,» founder Arjun Soin told MobiHealth News. «[You] can think of this as a skin/hair recommendation engine or prescription predictor that encodes technical expertise from thousands of doctors across India,» he said.»

Article written by Adam Ang



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