«Immobility in patients has always been an issue at home or at a hospital. It can be a result of a neurodegenerative disease, stroke, or even a bone fracture, making it challenging to move a person from one place to another without hitting a road bump. It will usually take a few people to lift someone off the bed, and if you repeat it several times a day and throughout the years, it will rack up to hundreds of lost clinical hours at any healthcare facility. Perhaps, robotics in healthcare can be a breakthrough technology in this sector.»

«There has been significant improvement in AI and robotics in healthcare across the board, be it detecting diseases and abnormalities, diagnosing or decision-making, among other aspects. No doubt AI has opened a floodgate of opportunities as humans will face challenges parsing a trove of historical medical papers and treatments for diagnosing any condition, whereas an AI can do it in a matter of seconds. Robotics is a branch that deals with machines, while an AI gives it cognitive abilities to communicate with people and take appropriate actions.»

Article written by Naveen Joshi.