«Virtual Reality (VR) is the next step in medicine. A good Virtual Reality experience can be transformative for patients and clinicians.»

«We are about to start a new world, a world where anyone, anywhere, at any time, can train their brain in a series of virtual reality sessions and then take that training and apply it on a daily basis in their lives. This is what I call “virtual reality in digital health”.·

«There are already millions of people around the world who have purchased or rented these devices.·

«The question is: how can we use this technology to help patients get better? How can we make virtual reality an integral part of our care? The answer is quite simple: Virtual Reality has been shown to be just as effective as physical therapy, if not more effective at helping people recover. It’s just that this technology was never accessible to them before.»

Article written by Joao Bocas



Digital Salutem