«California-based medical AI startup Aesop Technology, which has an R&D office in Taiwan, has recently unveiled its latest clinical documentation improvement tool that helps coders spot incorrectly coded diagnoses or procedures.»

«DxPrime provides suggestions to support medical data entry. The CDI tool is based on a machine learning model that has been trained based on a data set of some 3.2 billion patient visits. «

«According to Aesop Technology, their latest solution for medical coding harnesses AI to «efficiently compensate for traditional CDSS and NLP weaknesses to find correct or missed diagnoses».»

«Now available on digital health marketplace Olive Library, DxPrime provides information on missing and wrongly coded diagnoses or procedures to easily correct patients’ charts.» 

«With incorrect patient records, Aesop claims, patients could be given improper discharge instructions, thus receiving poor after-discharge care. For providers, this could lead to a wrong estimate of their patients’ length of stay and wrong code insurance claims, which could ultimately result in denials and revenue losses.»

Article written by Adam Ang

Photo: Getty Images



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