«“Often at conferences, there are siloed panels where CIOs say what healthtech companies should be doing, but there are no healthtech companies in the panel,” says Silberzahn. “Then, there are healthtech panels where healthtech leaders say what hospital CIOs should be doing, but there are no CIOs on the panel – so, the idea of this session is to bring senior leaders from both sides together across siloes towards the joint goal of hospital digitalisation.”»

«Caroline Henricson, partner at McKinsey & Co also emphasises the need for clinicians to be involved in tech transformations.»

«“Many projects have been run as IT projects that are not necessarily adapted to the needs of clinicians on the ground or at least not fully implemented to the point that they understand and know how to make use of all the technology,” says Henricson. “It’s paramount that clinicians are in the front seat with IT. It all needs to be built for the users and the patients.”»

«The Innovation Forum will feature pioneers, from the HealthTech Network, specialising in digital surgery, patient remote monitoring, cardiology workflow, hospital performance analytics and digital patient portals.»

Article written by Tammy Lovell

Photo: Getty Images



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