«This can lead to patient’s failing to get the prescribed amount of medication, deterioration of the patient’s health, serious injury, or even death involving coroners and substantial litigation claims for Trusts.»

«Thanks to a successful partnership with Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Tutum Medical of Chesterfield developed the award-winning BEAMS (Bedside Equipment Alarm Monitoring System), a new monitoring system for single-bed patient rooms and four to six bay wards, which is significantly improving response times for bedside critical alarms, leading to improved patient outcomes, better workflow for nurses and reduced healthcare costs for the hospital.»

«The problem«

«Missed hospital bedside alarms is highly prevalent. Why is this happening? Studies have shown that devices used on a single patient can produce hundreds of alarms every day, such as critical alarms monitoring cardiac function and blood oxygen saturation. With staff shortages, an increase in the number of single-bed patient rooms and alarm fatigue to name a few, the situation quickly gets out of control leading not just to consequences for the patient, but also for staff morale.»

Article written by Med-Tech News



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