«Dentists may soon add portable ultrasound to the standard equipment in their offices, allowing them to accurately and affordably diagnose aspects of their patients’ periodontal disease without any risk of radiation.»

«That’s the goal of a U of A research team that will continue to develop and commercialize its patented dental ultrasound system thanks to a new grant from Alberta Innovates.»

«The team has already developed a handheld, portable ultrasound device that can be used easily and comfortably to produce two-dimensional images inside the mouth. The new funding will support the next step in development — producing reliable three-dimensional images to aid further in the detection of dental disease.»

«“Having a 2D image is like being in the forest with no bearings and no idea what’s going on in the neighbourhood,” says principal investigator Lawrence Le, clinical professor in the Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging. “By transforming 2D images into 3D images, we will be able to really look around at different angles, giving a view of the soft tissue, blood flow and bone.”»

«“Alberta is taking bold steps with strategic digital health investments to ensure we are globally competitive in securing health and economic benefits for our province,” says Sunil Rajput, director of research for health innovation with Alberta Innovates. «“Our AICE-Concepts Program is a strong example of digital health investments to power research towards market needs.”»

Article written by Gillian Rutherford



University of Alberta