«Fujifilm has today launched a first of its kind mobile training hub at ESGE Days to help tackle some of the biggest challenges in endoscopy, as new research shows concern among endoscopists about the impact of the pandemic on cancer services.» 

«The survey of endoscopists and gastroenterology professionals from across Europe was undertaken by Sermo on behalf of Fujifilm. When asked about the biggest challenges in endoscopy, almost half of the respondents cited workforce pressures and almost a third cited the provision of training and education for healthcare professionals. Just under three quarters (73%) said there is likely to be a ‘ticking timebomb’ of cancer patients waiting for a diagnosis and treatment post COVID-19, while almost eight in ten (78%) said they were concerned that patients will have more progressed cancers that are more difficult to treat because of COVID-19.» 

«When asked which technological developments would benefit endoscopy services, almost three quarters (74%) said enhanced onsite training opportunities and over two thirds (67%) said greater hands-on-support from manufacturers. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on learning, with over two thirds (67%) saying it had reduced opportunities for training and education.» 

Article written by Fujifilm