«Sustainability is an issue that as medical device developers and manufacturers we need to embrace, but it is not straightforward. Moving forward, we need to realise that future profitability will be linked to sustainability. From the beginning of the design process, manufacturers already take many factors into account, businesses must now add sustainability factors into this process.»

«When considering medical device sustainability, often people think about the end of the lifecycle and whether the device is recyclable or reusable? Also, what are the costs involved, and downstream environmental impacts associated with disposal? Medical device waste is a global problem as devices become more complex and incorporate more electronic components and mixed materials.»

«However, sustainability also means considering how to reduce carbon emissions, energy and water use, and material waste across its entire lifespan, from design and material selection, to supply chain, to manufacturing and distribution. Sustainable medical devices are better for the environment and attractive to consumers and can provide cost savings, investor attractiveness, and improved brand and competitive advantage.»

Article written by Barry Warden



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