«The term mHealth (mobile health) refers to the use of mobile phones and other wireless technology in medical care. The most common use of mobile health is to educate consumers about preventive healthcare services via mobile devices. However, mobile health is also used for disease surveillance, treatment support, tracking epidemic outbreaks, and managing chronic diseases.»

«The distinction between mobile health and telehealth is that telehealth refers to all instances of healthcare delivered using modern technology, whereas mobile health refers to the concept of mobile self-care — consumer technologies such as smartphone and tablet apps that allow consumers to collect and interpret their own health data without the assistance or interpretation of a clinician.»

«Innovators in the mobile health space are also thinking about how the growing number of devices in people’s homes, such as Amazon’s Alexa or other voice-activated in-home assistants, could do more than just order diapers.» 

«In a nutshell, mHealth is here to stay. Hospitals and health systems are continuing to investigate new ways to use mobile health to better engage patients, improve patient health outcomes and satisfaction, and even lower costs.»

Article written by Suchita Dey



IT Digest