«A new strategy has been launched by the government to drive transformation in health and care by reshaping the way data is used.»

«The strategy, titled ‘Data Saves Lives: Reshaping Health and Social Care with Data’, was originally published in draft form in June 2021 and a year later, the full document has been published on 13 June 2022. The strategy focuses on seven principles to harness the data driven power and innovation seen during the pandemic to drive transformation.»

«The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Sajid Javid will launch the strategy at London Tech Week’s HealthTech Summit.»

«He is expected to say: “We will improve trust in data, which is the currency that data-driven technologies need to function.»»

«“We will work with the public, including people working in health and care, to develop a new pact on data, which will set out how we will use health and care data, and what the public has the right to expect.»»

«“This will include the ability to opt out of sharing data. Because although we know that most people want their data to be used for good, we will make the opt-out system simpler and more transparent.”»

«Javid is also expected to acknowledge that our social care system is not as digitally advanced as it should be in comparison to the NHS but that the strategy will address the issue.»

Article written by Jodan Sollof



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