«Oben Health, a San Francisco-based company developing a digital treatment platform to fight heart disease without medication or surgery. The platform is designed to treat Black and Brown patients, as they are two to four times more likely to die from heart disease than White patients.» 

«Oben Health was founded in 2020 by Peter Njongwe, who never dreamt he would start a health tech company. He studied computer information systems and entrepreneurship at Mount Royal University in Calgary and ended up working mainly in software development for mobile products after graduation. «

«Two and half years ago, a personal event changed the course of his professional career. Njongwe received a call that his 36 year-old brother had suddenly and unexpectedly died from heart failure. He went to bed one night and never awoke, devastating his family who lacked any knowledge that their loved one was suffering from heart disease.» 

«Njongwe’s brother did not know he was at risk for heart failure. So upon his brother’s untimely death, Njongwe immediately sought a personal check-up. Shortly after, he was inspired to create a treatment platform to prevent tragic deaths like his brother’s.»

«“A sad thing about my brother’s death is that this was something that was not unusual,” he said. “It’s actually very common. And that, to me, is a very disheartening thing.”»

Article written by Katie Adams



MedCity News