«The accelerating migration to value-based healthcare models makes addressing inefficiencies more vital than ever. Couple that with more educated and empowered healthcare consumers who need a better patient experience, it’s understandable that there is so much investment in healthcare innovation right now.»

«According to a Deloitte analysis of Rock Health’s Digital Health Funding database, health technology venture funding is growing at “an unprecedented pace,” more than doubling each of the last two years, to $29.1 billion in 2021. Many of these startups are platform-based business models, ecosystems that leverage the reach and scale of digital networks to innovate new and more powerful products.»

«A platform-based business model is best suited to transform our highly fragmented healthcare system. Hopefully we are at an inflection point post-COVID, where all stakeholders recognize the need to modernize our healthcare IT infrastructure to improve outcomes for patients, providers, and patients.»

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