«Shao, who is the mother of four children with autism spectrum disorder, is a health industry veteran. She has held executive leadership roles at insurer UnitedHealth, healthcare services giant Optum, and digital healthcare startup Buoy Health. But she grew increasingly frustrated with what she sees as some of the biggest barriers to more widely accessible autism care: a lack of data transparency that makes defining—and, consequently, seeking out—proven, high-quality care difficult for parents.»

«Last year Shao launched SpectrumAi to tackle some of these fundamental shortcomings in autism care, using a software platform and artificial intelligence to capture autism treatment data with an eye toward a future in which care providers are paid for the value they bring rather than the bulk of services they provide, and encouraging best practices.»

«The company announced a $9 million funding round in early June led by F-Prime Capital and Frist Cressey Ventures, alongside investments from the Autism Impact Fund. Its mission, in brief, is to bring transparency to the notoriously opaque and poorly measured practice of applied behavioral analysis (ABA), a form of autism therapy.» 

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