«The health insurance industry has historically struggled with low rates of customer satisfaction and loyalty. A new report suggests health plans are doing little to improve their standing with consumers, and this is based on insurance executives’ own admissions of their failure.» 

«The report, released Wednesday by customer engagement firm Smart Communications, surveyed 119 health insurance executives during February and March. It found that the digital experiences health insurers offer their members are disjointed because insurers prioritize speed-to-market over usability.»

«This lack of regard for user-friendliness has forced many health plan members to opt for offline channels for customer service. Health plan executives acknowledged that their digital experiences often create more questions than answers, and agreed that the frustration members feel when using these online tools have led to an increase in customer support calls. Still, the report cited Forrester research showing more than half of health plan members were dissatisfied with their phone interactions.»

Article written by Katie Adams



MedCity News