«Due to the unimaginable and revolutionizing potential of artificial intelligence in healthcare and how the field of medical AI is buzzing, many companies have taken it upon themselves to propagate the use of AI in medicine.»

«One of such companies is NVIDIA which, according to the article released on NVIDIA Blog, is collaborating with clinical organizations across Europe to bring AI to the point of care. This will reinforce clinical pathways with efficiency gains and new data dimensions that can be included in medical decision-making processes.»

«In the same article, it was reported that The University Hospital Essen, Northwestern Germany, intending to take machine learning from the bits to the bedside, is using NVIDIA technology and AI to build smart hospitals. The Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (IKIM), established by research groups, developed a technology that is integrated with the IT infrastructure of University Hospital Essen.»

«In clinical applications, AI is predominantly used for diagnostic purposes. Analysis of medical images is the area where the development of artificial intelligence models is most advanced. In agreement with this, IKIM hosts a data annotation lab that accelerates the labelling of anatomic structures in medical images using MONAI. This is overseen by a team of board-certified radiologists.»

Article written by Samson Onifade



Med-Tech World