«The big challenge in today’s healthcare systems is to make healthcare accessible, affordable and efficient to everyone (both current and potential). The old rules of economics don’t work here, which is why there has been a growing demand for blockchain technology.»

«Blockchain technology is not just a tool for financial transactions; it also has clear implications for the health sector. Adoption of blockchain technology by the healthcare industry needs to be approached with care, as it has the potential to disrupt almost every aspect of the business.»

«The healthcare sector is already facing some major challenges, particularly with the development and adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and electronic medical records (EMR). EHRs are being used widely in hospitals and clinics alike, but less so in day-to-day practice.»

«This problem is becoming more acute with regard to EMRs as well: many organizations have already adopted EMRs, but when patients start working with their own personal data, management about these data becomes more difficult. It makes sense that these are some of the most important people to engage in this discussion — our readership among companies that have demonstrated successful adoption include VMware, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, so they should be able to provide answers.»

Article written by Joao Bocas



Digital Salutem