«StartUp Health and a consortium of diabetes leaders launch the first dedicated moonshot to prevent, manage, and cure Type 1 diabetes, rallying once-siloed entrepreneurs, investors, foundations, industry, and academics. The cross-disciplinary team includes leaders from the Helmsley Trust, Yale University, Eli Lilly, JDRF’s T1D Fund, and the Diabetes Research Institute.»

«In 1922, a 14-year-old boy named Leonard Thompson received the world’s first injection of insulin to treat Type 1 diabetes (T1D). It saved his life, and that year the Toronto Daily Star ran a full-width banner headline that read “Toronto Doctors On Track Of Diabetes Cure.” The discovery, which earned its inventors the Nobel Prize in Medicine, turned a fatal auto-immune disease into a condition which, with daily care and treatment, could be managed.»

«In the hundred years since this discovery, we’ve seen the invention of glucose monitors, which allowed people with diabetes to draw and test their blood, and then manage their glucose levels with shots of insulin from home. We then saw the advent of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) which automate the blood testing process and beam glucose numbers to your smartphone.»

Article written by StartUp Health



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