«Technological innovations in the health sector have made it much easier for patients and healthcare providers to communicate, especially during this time of the COVID pandemic. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) uses these latest advances in digital technology to gather patient data outside traditional healthcare settings.»

«While the remote patient monitoring programs assist medical practitioners in monitoring patients’ medical and other health records for assessment, little attention has been paid to improving the overall patient experience. To counter this, Withings Health Solutions developed a new RPM solution using cutting-edge technology and consultations with dozens of health professionals to minimize the complexities of remote patient monitoring systems and simplify their implementation for both physicians and patients.» 

«The Withings RPM system caters to providers by streamlining the onboarding and the billing process and manages the automatic notifications and reminders. It also improves patient engagement and can incorporate sleep tracking and glucose measurements. This system features an alert system to notify the practitioner regarding a patient’s vitals when they require attention. In addition, it enhances patient compliance by sending periodic messages and reminders through their preferred mode of communication.»

Article written by Unber Shafiq



HealthTech Insider