«Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin have successfully demoed graphene tatoos capable of monitoring blood pressure from the wrist continously.»

«We are still waiting for blood pressure functionality to become a standard stable of fitness trackers and smartwatches. There are a number of technologies in development. However, we are not really expecting them to hit the mainstream at least for another year or two.»

«The future of blood pressure monitoring clearly lies with the wrist. But it may not need to be built into a wearable. Scientists have demonstrated that tatoos made with graphene can do this job continuously for days at a time.»

«The tech is quite different from the traditional thing which works by way of inflating cuffs. This captures readings by increasing pressure until no blood flow occurs through the artery. As the cuff deflates, this creates a detectable vibration in the arterial wall which can be used to calculate systolic and diastolic blood pressure.»

Article written by Ivan Jovin



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