«Healthcare IT News talks with a telehealth expert on the benefits and challenges of virtual care for rural patients.»

«Virtual care has great potential to improve rural health and health equity.»

«Virtual care can either serve to stretch the capabilities of understaffed rural clinics – for example, by pre-screening or triaging patients before sending them to a crowded facility – or to route excess clinical capacity from large academic medical centers to rural clinics, such as by facilitating telehealth appointments between city-based providers and patients in rural areas.»

«In short, telehealth can improve rural care. Which is why we sat down with Shayan Vyas, senior vice president and medical director of hospital and health system at Teladoc Health – to glean his expertise on telemedicine and rural care, both the benefits and the challenges.»

Article written by Bill Siwicki.

Photo by: Teladoc Health



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