«The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation has designed a new model aimed at improving cancer care for Medicare patients through enhanced services such as patient navigation, care planning and the collection of electronic patient-reported outcomes.»

«The new Enhanced Oncology Model will support and learn from cancer patients, caregivers and cancer survivors. It will also address inequities by
screening for social needs that may affect treatment, such as transportation and nutrition.»

«It was designed to test how to improve healthcare providers’ ability to deliver care centered on patients, consider patients’ unique needs and deliver cancer care in a way that will generate the best possible patient outcomes, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.» 

«The Enhancing Oncology Model is a voluntary model that will run for five years, from July 2023 through June 2028.»

«Model participants will include oncology practices that treat people with Medicare undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, chronic leukemia, lung cancer, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, prostate cancer and small intestine/colorectal cancer.»

Article written by Susan Morse.

Photo by: Getty Images



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