«The largest retrospective study of its kind into the use of artificial intelligence as a tool to assist radiologists with breast cancer screening has demonstrated that the technology can significantly improve screening accuracy – leading to more accurate diagnoses – without sacrificing mandatory high safety standards.»

«The study, published in The Lancet Digital Health and commissioned by deeptech firm Vara, evaluated the performance of an AI-based approach using mammograms from more than 100,000 women in Germany, including more than 4,400 with identified cancers. Radiologists and researchers found that when AI is implemented along the screening pathway in a way that complements, rather than replaces human radiologists both sensitivity and specificity of radiologists improved significantly. Different algorithm configurations were evaluated, with some demonstrating that over 70% of the workload could be automatically triaged by the AI.»

«The success of this approach, known as decision referral, suggests that the most effective way to incorporate AI technology into clinical practice is as a tool used by radiologists, helping them to make better decisions and better manage the administrative burden of their task.»

Article written by Health Tech Digital



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