«Singapore’s National Neuroscience Institute has partnered with VR medical content platform Kyalio to develop neurosurgery training modules.»

«As part of their research collaboration agreement, they have created VR modules based on real-life cases managed by neurosurgeons at NNI and captured by Kyalio. «

«The modules can be viewed through an Oculus VR headset or a mobile VR viewer.»

«During the pandemic, medical professionals who sought to learn neurosurgery in Singapore had to postpone their training as border closures prevented them from entering the country. This only compounds the problems faced by countries where there are only a few skilled neurosurgeons. Moreover, medical students and doctors in such countries «rarely» have the chance to have hands-on experience in the operating theatre.»

«»Many countries have exponentially increased the output of new doctors but experienced doctors who lead training in these countries remain far fewer and training methods have to become ‘high yield’ in nature,» noted Samuel Choo, co-founder of Kyalio.»

«The VR modules developed by the NNI and Kyalio support the continuing education and upskilling of those medical doctors and students by providing them with a simulated experience of various neurosurgical procedures.»

Article written by Adam Ang.

Photo by: Pexels



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