«Zipline’s drones launch like fighter jets off aircraft carriers, drop packages like paratroopers gliding down on customers’ homes, and “land” by running into an aerial arrestor hook. In the process, they’re now delivering medication from health management organizations to homes, pharmacies, and hospitals in a 7,800 square mile area in North Carolina.»

«All in, the company says, as little as 15 minutes, and while dumping 98% fewer harmful emissions into the air we breath than ground-based car or truck delivery.»

«“We imagine a future in which goods are transported nearly instantly,” Ziplin founder and CEO Keller Rinaudo said in a statement.»

«“North Carolina is first in flight, and Zipline’s work is taking us to new heights,” North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper also said. “This innovative partnership will increase access to health care for our community.”·

Article written by Forbes