«A recent study by the Japan Diabetes Clinical Data Management Study Group found that the mean HbA1c level tends to increase among people living with diabetes mellitus. It also noted that Japanese patients are receiving an average of 14.8 units of baseline insulin with 7.8% HbA1c, suggesting that the basal insulin dose may be further optimised through appropriate approaches. However, continuously recording blood glucose levels can be cumbersome for diabetic patients, who are already struggling to control their disease in an unstable environment.»

«Health2Sync and Sanofi claim their digital solutions will help improve insulin management among healthcare providers and patients with diabetes in Japan. «

«This latest partnership «emphasises the companies’ ambition to realise a more comprehensive chronic disease management through digital solutions,» a press statement read.»

Article written by Adam Ang.

Photo by: Heallth2Sync and Sanofi



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