«Patients diagnosed with prediabetes can take action to help prevent progression to type 2 diabetes. But doing so requires making long-term sustainable lifestyle changes and patients can feel overwhelmed or uncertain about how to start. First Mile Care, which is a health platform that is like Uber but for prediabetes, finds ways to deliver timely diabetes prevention in patients’ communities to make changes that stick. «

«“There’s a problem, for some people, where they shop within a mile of their home. It isn’t the best store for good food, but that’s where you shop because it’s your time available. And so, you shop close to home,” said Karl Ronn, founder and CEO of First Mile Care, a spinoff of the Silicon Valley-based Health2047 Inc., the wholly-owned innovation subsidiary of the AMA. “We have to enrich that environment.”»

«“We must show up within that convenient distance of your home. And then we must have programs at times when you can be there. Finally, the program is done in a group so you can learn from each other. Altogether, this need for convenience requires us to activate demand versus waiting for walk-ins,” Ronn said. “You can’t have enough people who simultaneously walked in to take diabetes prevention in one ZIP code, coincidentally, all within one month—it’s not happening. This leads to our on-demand style solution.”»

Article written by Sara Berg