«Think accessibility is only for people with disabilities? Think again. Accessibility is about inclusivity—making a product or service usable by as many people as possible. Often, the accessibility features that benefit the people who need it most result in a better user experience for everyone.»

«Imagine you’re watching Netflix with the subtitles or closed-captioning on. Not only is this feature essential for anyone who is deaf or hearing impaired, but it helps any viewer catch every word and avoid having to adjust the volume while watching your favorite shows. A better, more relaxed viewing experience all around.»

«Accessibility is particularly important to digital health. The adoption of telemedicine, mobile health, apps, and wearables has boomed, in large part due to necessity when the pandemic limited the safety of in-person visits. The convenience and safety of digital health particularly helps anyone who lives with a disability, but the benefits are wide-reaching, improving healthcare access for everyone.»

Article written by Heather van Staalduinen.