«Researchers from the Singapore Eye Research Institute have developed two novel AI-powered tools for screening chronic kidney disease and predicting a person’s biological age from retina photos.»

«Both tools use AI deep learning algorithms to scan photos of an individual’s retina to assess their health condition.»

«The kidney disease screening tool called RetiKid was developed by SERI and the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing in 2019. The tool was trained with over 23,000 retinal images from nearly 12,000 participants in Singapore and China. «

«In a study, it was shown to have an accuracy of 91% in an internal test and 73% and 83% accuracy in two external test sets. The screening tool has been licensed to health tech startup EyRIS for production and commercialisation. «

«Both retina and kidneys share a «close biological relationship,» according to Charumathi Sabanayagam, deputy head of SERI’s Ocular Epidemiology Research Group. »Thus, problems with blood vessels in the retina could provide clues to changes in kidney blood vessels».»

Article written by Adam Ang

Photo: Unsplash



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